Map of Lost Coast






Driving Directions

Shelter Cove is approximately 200 miles north of San Francisco, and  24 miles west of Garberville. From San Francisco, travel north on Highway 101 to Humboldt County.  At the second Garberville exit, turn west towards Redway. Garberville or Redway are your last chances to shop at a full-fledged market, so stock up here for an extended stay in the Cove.  Take your time to travel the 24 miles to Shelter Cove.  The road is twisty and steep at times, and watch out for potholes on the not-so-well-maintained county road.  (But at least it is paved.)  Save your brakes on the last steep incline down into the cove by placing your transmission in the lowest gear and go slowly.
Make a right onto Parkview right before the fire station.  The cabin sits on your left at 298 Parkview. The Modern Yurt is on your right at 291 Parkveiw.

Approximate Driving Times

6 hrs from Sacramento
6 hrs from San Francisco

Weather Conditions and what clothes to bring

Northern coastal California temperatures vary only 10 degrees from summer to winter, although a greater range is found over inland areas. Largely as a result of sitting next to the cool Pacific Ocean, the Shelter Cove has some of the coolest, most stable temperatures to be found in the state. Rainfall averages about 60 inches a year. Most of the yearly rainfall comes in the wintertime from storm fronts that move in from the ocean. Due to the moisture and moderate temperature, the average relative humidity is high. Visit Yahoo weather for a current weather forecast.

The afternoon sun will heat you up while it is shinning and it is likely that you can wear a T-shirt and shorts and be comfortable. But be sure to bring warm clothes including hats and mittens and raingear and boots, just in case the weather turns overcast, rainy or windy and for cool evenings.