Stay in our cozy log cabin

Our beautiful warm little cabin is the perfect place to experience the charm of Shelter Cove.  We are 300 feet above the ocean and it is about a mile walk down the winding streets to the ocean edge. The private back deck overlooks the forest and out across the ocean.  Birds fly and scamper and sing all around.  The sound of the barking seals can sometimes be heard.

There is a Jacuzzi tub.  A romantic loft bedroom with a warm cozy bed.  A soft comfy couch.   A country kitchen.  You will not find  TV or a computer.  Bring a book.  Play with a puzzle. Take a walk.  Sleep.   Watch the sun set.  Breathe the fresh sparkling air.  Listen to the birds sing.

Cabin History

The cabin foundation was started in 2004 and the cabin was completed in the winter of 2006. The exterior logs are western white cedar from Michigan. This wood is one of the most weather resistant natural material that exists. The weather here at the cove is known for insistent rains and blowing winds. But when you are inside the cabin, and it is storming outside you can feel how very solid the cabin is. The interior walls are tongue & groove pine and the floors are southern pine from the Carolinas.


Loft BedroomRoomy Kitchenjacuzzi Bathtub
Veiw from cabin's back deck